Feb. 16, 2020

2. Shoe-gate: Finding the Perfect Pair of Running Shoes for Marathon Training

2. Shoe-gate: Finding the Perfect Pair of Running Shoes for Marathon Training

Welcome back! The Crummy Marathoners share their progress from week 1 of their marathon training plans. Mo’s first week of her half marathon plan was completed successfully with a lot learned along the way! Harrison discusses the changes he made to his plan and how he hopes to achieve a specific time goal for his next marathon. Mo and Harrison walk us through their adventure of finding the perfect pair of running shoes for Mo. The Roadrunner Sports in Tempe, Arizona was a huge help and is featured in this episode. Our first guest was featured this week after completing her first half marathon. She discusses how she trained while taking care of her five children. She proves to us that we can all be marathon runners if we just stick to a training plan. Follow us on Instagram @Crummymarathoners, and please subscribe so you can be notified when new episodes are released. Thank you for listening! For those seeking content related to: running, marathon training, half marathon training, running shoes, running socks, running for beginners, new to running, health and fitness.


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