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So helpful!

Loved listening to this podcast as I began training for my first half. I had no idea about shoes, nutrition or anything. So helpful and I found that I would revisit past episodes as my training progressed. Thank you!

A must listen

This couple is so endearing. Easy to listen to, valuable content, and relatable. Well done.

Amazing podcast for runners!

This is an amazing podcast for so many reasons! I love this married couple hosts Mo and Harrison talk about their experience with running, they are both so relatable and I can hear their genuine kindness. I have listened to about 5 episodes now and they are so so helpful, great guests interviews and great questions and explanations to get us straight to the things we need to know. It’s edited so well, smooth transitions, great music choices, and I love MO-tivation moments done by Mo! Thank you so much for these helpful tips, especially with specialists that talks about injuries, dietitians that talk about nutrition and my favorite part of the podcast and when you guys talk about your experience with half-marathons and marathons on race day, both the fails and magical achievements! I am a new runner, living in NYC and training for my first marathon, the NYC Marathon in less than 6 weeks away! One day, the San Diego R&R marathon (my hometown!) thanks again guys! ❤️

Great Race Recaps!

You two did a great job recapping your races. I had a similar experience to Mo’s near the end of my first marathon at the RNR San Diego Marathon in 2005. I saw a balloon arch and picked up the pace, only to discover that the actual finish line was still 400 yards away! I didn’t t cry, but I did curse a bit. 🤭. Also, it took me 14 tries, but I qualified for Boston at 49, 13 years after my first. Im 53 now, and I’m about to run my 3rd Boston (as a qualifier) in less than two weeks. Anything is possible!

Barney Style

Hey y’all! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your podcast. I started my running journey in May 2021. I ran my first 5K in more than a decade. My buddy convinced me to run my first half marathon. I am currently training for that and it will be the first weekend of October. I have loved listening to your podcast and learning so much! Y’all really break it down Barney style so a brand new beginner could really understand and relate! I’ve even decided Lord willing that I will run a full marathon next year! Keep up the encouraging episodes! Y’all are awesome!

Never miss an episode

Very informative for runners of all levels and just a pleasure to listen to and share in their own running achievements.

Great to listen to while running

Are you interested in running a half or full marathon, but have questions about nutrition, strength training, race experiences? This is the podcast for you! The hosts are friendly and down to earth and get great guests and experts to share their wisdom so your first race is a success!

I am so glad I found this podcast!

Training for my first marathon is hard enough, but Harrison and Mo are definitely making it easier and more fun! Their insights and information help so much!!!

Loving your podcast

I love listening to running podcasts and yours really stood out to me. I’ve been running for 3 years and consider myself a beginner. I love that you don’t assume that everyone knows about running while listening. I often feel left out and discouraged when I listen to some podcasters claiming to help beginners because they act as if we’ve been in this world for years! Thank you for this true beginner runner podcast.

The BEST podcast for a new runner!

I love listening to Mo & Harrison, I am coming back to running after having my 3rd baby and have found their podcast SO motivational! I have also learned so much about training plans, random newbie tips, and even things about carb loading and hydrating before a race! I’m schedule to run my first half marathon this fall - and when I finish, I will definitely give all the credit to the Crummy Marathoners!


As a beginner runner training for my first half, I so appreciate this. I’m also in AZ so it’s cool to hear other runners’ experiences here! You guys are awesome!

Keep them coming

Great podcast

Wonderful Podcast for Beginners or Anyone!

The Crummy Marathoners has quickly became my favorite running podcast! I have done many half marathons and I am signed up for my first full marathon this summer. I still feel new to running so I am learning so much in this podcast and love listening to it! If you are new to running you will learn a lot from Harrison and Mo! Definitely recommend!

Great for running beginners!!!!

I am only on episode 6 and I love listening to Harrison and Mo. they are super relatable and helpful, sharing all types of tips on form, fuel, hydration, planning, etc. can’t wait to listen to all of the episodes and get caught up!

Marathon Training

I’m currently training for another marathon and am looking to PR my time and also wanting nutrition tips. I came across this podcast and it has quickly become my favorite!

This podcast is great!

I have enjoyed all of the episodes from both seasons. I have taken notes and bought some of the products you discussed on the show. Really enjoy all the content you put out...guests,tips, stories from your journeys. It’s all relatable. Thank you!

This Podcast is INVALUABLE for Noobs like me!!

Once I decided to commit to running my first full marathon, I thought to search for a podcast that might help me out. There are a few out there, but Marathon Training for Beginners quickly became my favorite. Practically every time I listen I learn something new and I’m taking notes like mad! Harrison and Mo are just so relatable. They were fairly recently newbies like me and I love the variety of guests they have on. There are SO many sources out there and I don’t know which one to trust. I feel like listening to this, consolidates that vast amount of information into an easy to listen to and very enjoyable show. I just wish I had more time to listen and get caught up! I started listening a couple weeks ago at Season 1 Episode 1. Thank you Mo and Harrison!

Finally a helpful podcast for beginners! 🥰

I’ve been hunting for a good podcast since I decided to train for a half marathon. After multiple podcasts that left me more confused than I was before, I found this one! After the first episode I was hooked! Not only is it helpful that Mo is also training for her first half marathon as well, but I also love how genuine this couple is! They are so sweet and real. With Harrison’s knowledge of races plus Mo’s “newbie” status, I finally feel like I’m not alone and get solid advice. They also explain things that other podcasts just assumed everyone would know! VERY helpful and such a fun listen! :)

Hidden treasure

Mo and Harrison are awesome. They inspire me so much to get out of the door and run. I am a beginner and could Totally relate to them. Keep them coming. Audio quality can be improved 😁

Runner’s Delight!

I found this podcast while searching for running inspiration on social media. I was instantly hooked after listening to the 1st show. I have not ran for over 20 years and have been on a health journey since January 2020 but needed to step it up. I am grateful for the down to earth and non intimidating tips for beginners. Since I have started listening I have committed to running more and even ran two 5k’s this month. I’m excited to always share my progress and to get get positive feedback from the other runners and from The Crummy Marathoners. I continue to train for my 1st half marathon and look forward to listening and utilizing the advice and motivation I get from this podcast. This podcast makes a difference.

Great podcast for runners!!

This podcast has really inspired me to train for a half marathon. Never have I dreamed or wanted to run that type of mileage before ...until I started listening to this fun loving couple! Not only is it very educational for us beginner runners but they break it down and make it fun! You really feel apart of a running community with them! Also through their IG page and FB page , you can communicate with them , sharing stories of your running journey and they cheer you on! Really happy I started listening to this.

The Ultimate Motivators

These two are just good, genuine people that truly want everyone to succeed! Greatest couple, greatest running podcast to help power through the hard parts of training. Will be recommending this to anyone I know that is training for or wants to train for a race!

Love these guys!

Harrison and Mo are so relatable! It’s awesome to hear someone who’s not a professional runner have the discussions they do. Keep up the good work!

A Great Listen

Although I’m not a marathoner, but I’ve been an avid runner for over 10 years. This podcast is great for those who just love running as well! Harrison and Mo are super relatable and down to earth and couldn’t be more genuine. I love all the information they present because it’s applicable for every type of runner!

Running made by runners for runners

This is a great podcast! The hosts are very personable and make it a fun listen. Highly recommend to anyone whether you run or not.

Amazing Podcast

This podcast is simply amazing and I am mad that I just now found it. I listen to it on my commutes to and from work. This is a great podcast and makes us understand the fundamentals of running and how it’s ok if you are new to running or have ran several marathons already.

These are my kind of people!

I decided to step into the present day and download some podcasts to run to. I had been using my 1985 Walkman and listening to NPR on my runs when I wanted to run longer and distract my naysaying brain. This was important because I had just signed up for my first full marathon. I needed training tricks because my half training was truly just the motto-Just Keep Running. WELL from the opening of my first episode I was sucked in! The banter and relatability of the hosts kept me listening. Then the content began to lay out the groundwork of my training plan. I think Shoe-gate was what sealed the deal. Being a member of a running community here in Delaware I had had the shoe and sock conversation multiple times over the past 9 years. I felt like I was listening and talking to my friends. (I wear Hokas now but I ran my last half in a pair of borrowed Brooks so the urge to buy a pair for myself is there.) I am looking forward to many miles of looking like the crazy running lady because I will be joining in on the conversations that no one else can hear! Thank you for a wonderful tool and I look forward to every achievement we all achieve.

Best podcast!

Best tips and guest interviews! I really enjoy listening to both Harrison and Mo. They are so informative! I have learned so much from the guests and insight these two deliver! A must hit , like and subscribe podcast!

Perfect for Anyone

If you need motivation to begin running or to even stay in the sport, this is a podcast for you! It’s full of knowledge, fun, and so personable. Love this podcast so much!

Love it!

What I love most about this podcast is they really make you feel like there’s never a dumb question. I feel like we’re in this together. Second, I love the guests they choose to interview, and are following them on IG too. Very inspiring stories. Third, I love the conversations between Harrison and Mo. Always positive. Keep up the great work!