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Phenomenal Couple and Podcast!

Harry and Mo are so relatable and very helpful with real life advice and expectations! They’re advice encouraged my husband and I (very novice runners) to attend a 5k race and eventually a 4.2 mile race. We used their week-by-week guide to work up to those races and met our goals! We are so excited continue using their guide! I definitely recommend this podcast if you’re new to running!

Great running podcast

These two are super relatable! Working, parenting, and aspiring to be a “runner” - they are us! The interviews are interesting and full of valuable information. Listening definitely makes longer runs way more enjoyable! Thanks guys!

Love this podcast!

This is a wonderful podcast for those just starting to run. I’m not new at running, but I’m new at running longer distances. I’ve loved all the guests with all the great tips and tricks! Keep up the great work!


Love listening to a podcast related to real runners and hearing about the peaks and valleys they have. It’s giving me the motivation to step up from half marathons and run a full! Thanks guys! ♥️

Amazing Podcast for Runners

I stumbled on this podcast early this year and have been hooked since. Such a fun and relatable couple. So many wonderful and inspiring stories, insights, practical training tips, nutrition, gear, etc. You name it and they are on it. Harrison and Mo are exactly what you need to stay motivated or even getting started with your running journey!!!

Amazing for beginners!

If you’re new to running and have been terrified of it your whole life like me, you have to check out this podcast! Mo and Harrison do a great job breaking down the steps of running I never even knew I had to consider. If you’re looking for advice on where to start or support and tips as you, this is definitely the podcast for you. Highly recommend!

Great for Runners!

Great podcast with helpful tips for. We and intermediate runners!

THE Running Podcast

This podcast has tremendously been a joy to listen to while on my runs!

Great Podcast!

This is a great podcast for beginners or anyone looking to improve their running. Mo and Harrison are great to listen to, especially during long runs. Can not wait to hear more!

Great podcast!

I was looking for a podcast to help keep me motivated and train for an upcoming marathon. I love these guys! They are super relatable and have such positive personalities. I’ve already listened to every single episode and have gotten great tips from them! Looking forward to hearing the new content that you guys come up with!

Super Real

I love Mo and Harrison’s podcast! Love their honesty and diverse community that they bring onto the podcast! Keeps me motivated to continue on my training plan despite the hiccups that come my way!

BEST podcast for beginners!!

Seriously the best podcast! Love these two.... makes me feel like I’m getting running advice from some best friends. Seriously, I went from NO motivation to run, to sticking to it because they keep me accountable & they address EVERYTHING I’ve ever wondered about running. So glad I found the crummymarathoners 👏🏻💗

Cutest Couple!:)

Harrison and Mo are so great together, and I love hearing their running journey! Keep up the great work!

Great show

I like the dynamic between the two hosts. They play off of each other well. I’ve always secretly wanted to get into running and I’ve never known anyone as passionate about it as these two. Who knows maybe I’ll take a run ;)

This will get you off of the couch and motivated

Impressive!!!! Harrison and Mo, I just finished episode 1. If the rest of the episodes are anything like the first one, you are off to a tremendous start.

Amazing podcast!

I’m so happy I came across this podcast! This couple is so helpful and inspiring! I am fairly new at running and I have learned so much from their podcasts. Very informative and motivating! Thank you for being apart of my running journey!

Informative, Motivating and Inspiring Podcast

I love the energy and obvious partnership of Harrison and Mo. These two not only provide great information about running and training, but they do it in a fun and personal way. I really enjoy their raw and honest approach to meeting their goals. The bonus interviews at the end of each podcast is an awesome way to wrap things up and leaves me wanting more. Lastly, interviewing people that have overcome adversity, shows that they are truly dedicated to encouraging people to get out and try to do something they may have never thought possible.

Perfect podcast for the novice runners.

I was enjoying every minuet of this podcast. So awesome to discover both of your why’s and hear your feelings as your beginning this new adventure. So rad!

So informative!!

Love the podcast! I didn’t know there were so many different aspects to running and I love that you guys break it down!! Motivates me to start running more!! Can’t wait to hear more!

Great Advice!

This podcast is perfect for anyone who has an itch to start inning or has recently started running but left with so many questions. The Crummy Marathoners take you through the ups, downs and emotions of what it’s like first hand to start training for your first marathon! Great content! Highly recommend!!!

Yes yes!!

I’m so excited for this! You two are an inspiration and part of the reason that a half marathon is in my sights!

Finally somewhere to start!

Starting my marathon journey this fall in Chicago and have been searching for a podcast for the newer runners. I’m no elite athlete but the goal of running the marathon is the same. Thanks for providing a platform and advice to the avg or beginner runner. Looking forward to more episodes!!

Interesting and easygoing, fun couple

Motivating can’t wait to hear the next one

Highly Recommend

If you are interested in running at all but don’t know where to start this podcast is for you! Real, quality content from people who are learning and will teach you along the way.

Inspiring Couple to Kickstart Your Journey

Great podcast for those looking to run a marathon! Harrison and Mo are relatable, down-to-earth and completely honest with their experiences. I especially feel a connection with Mo, because she is just as new to running as I am. I feel like she, with the guidance of Harrison, will be amazing virtual coaches in my own running journey.

Great Podcast

I’m not really into running myself but I still find this podcast really entertaining. Harrison and Mo make it personal and break down running concepts for beginners. Highly recommended!

Perfection in podcast form

Harrison and Mo are awesome! Perfect podcast for those beginner runners who want to train alongside real people in the same situation. Even if you are contemplating getting in to running, you will find a lot of value in this podcast. Can’t wait for the next episode!

This is R E A L

Love these guys, they are genuinely on a journey just like me, so I’m pumped to follow along! I used to hate running...but I’m liking it more and more especially after listening to the Crums...I don’t feel alone. Thanks guys!

Inspiring and fun to listen to!

I enjoyed listening to this podcast! As someone who isn’t an avid runner, it is engaging to listen to someone talk about the concerns and questions people often have as they begin to get more serious about running. They blend personality and inspiration into their genuine conversation. Looking forward to listening to future episodes!