Marathon Training for Beginners

This Podcast is INVALUABLE for Noobs like me!!

Once I decided to commit to running my first full marathon, I thought to search for a podcast that might help me out. There are a few out there, but Marathon Training for Beginners quickly became my favorite. Practically every time I listen I learn something new and I’m taking notes like mad!

Harrison and Mo are just so relatable. They were fairly recently newbies like me and I love the variety of guests they have on. There are SO many sources out there and I don’t know which one to trust. I feel like listening to this, consolidates that vast amount of information into an easy to listen to and very enjoyable show. I just wish I had more time to listen and get caught up! I started listening a couple weeks ago at Season 1 Episode 1.

Thank you Mo and Harrison!

Jan. 25, 2021 by G. Luv on Apple Podcasts

Marathon Training for Beginners