June 18, 2020

Nice to Meet You

Nice to Meet You

Hi there! Harrison here! I wanted to post a picture of us and let you know why we started this journey. 

My mom and I had planned to run a half marathon together, but when she passed away suddenly in June of 2019, I was inspired to run her half and mine to make up a full. From very little running prior, I worked my way up over about 6 months to be able to run the Phoenix Rock N Roll Marathon in January of 2020. 

From that point on I was hooked, and Mo could feel my passion. She was so inspired that she decided to run her first half marathon! But, after having two babies and never really running in her life, she had so many questions! And that's when we came up with the idea to start this podcast. 

We realized that there were probably many other people out there in the same boat. We were right. So many people want to run because they feel good when they do it, but they are discouraged by how quickly they fatigue or by the many injuries that can come along with the sport. Where can they turn for answers? 

There are a lot of really great podcasts out there on running, and many of them have great advice, but as beginners, we wanted a place where other beginners could come together and share the struggle. So, the Marathon Training for Beginners podcast was born, and it's brought to you by your hosts, the Crummy Marathoners. 

We hope you enjoy the show, and we would love to connect. We often feature messages on air from our listeners across the world, so ask a question, share your story, or simply say hello!